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Desktop Hard Drive 250 / 500 /1TB Windows 10 Installed

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Ideal for:  Current hard drive failure // Want to replace a  hard drive // You need more storage space // Require a fresh with a new installation


We also have options on size: 

1000GB ( 1TB )

Please note the SATA hard drives we sell:

All the hard drives are refurbished
All have been Wiped.
All come with 3 Months warranty.
All installations are 64Bit
We only supply the hard drives. No Caddys. 
Can also work in Desktop / Tower computers
We supply Various all well known Brands from ( Seagate, Western Digital etc )
The installation is fully activated though win 10/11 systems may require you enter the license from base of laptop
All have Windows 10 Pro installed with the latest OS Build + software below

We have added some free utilities/software for your convenience from Video callings, Media playing, system checking and file unpacking software.  
All freely available, some installed & some left in folding for you to choose.

All Hard Drives are Fully Refurbished + 3 Months Warranty
  • Uk Based Customer Support

    Available over email and WhatsApp. Click on the Green icon to use WhatsApp or Contact us over email on the link below.

  • Warranty on all items.

    Minimum 3 Months warranty on all items purchases through our store. If we cannot resolve any non fault issue, we will replace the item.

  • Feedback matters!

    Click on the link below to see out feedback. This is from our eBay store and has over 2600 positive review.

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